Run, Yoga, Run!

It’s running season! If you go into the parks or walk on the streets around New York City, you might observe an uptick in the number of runners and running groups. And with the NYC Marathon approaching, expect to see more runners sprinkled into the Fall NYC backdrop.

Running and yoga, kind of go hand-in-hand. Running is great for cardio and overall body toning, but a downside is that it can also introduce significant muscular tension to the body and knee-specific stress. Dedicated stretches, following a run, can help to relieve and reduce muscular tension. Stretches that target the legs (hamstrings, quadriceps, calves) can additionally help to improve stride and performance.

Following a run, poses like modified ankle-to-knee pose (see here), paschimottanasana, or agnistambasana/firelog pose, are just some of the poses that can be especially helpful to runners.

Good luck to all the runners (yogis and non-yogis) running in the NYC marathon this year!