Mental Sanctuary

Without much explanation of what it means, most people understand and gravitate toward the concept of a “mental sanctuary”. Aside from the mind being constantly busy by its very nature, persistent external stimulation from email, televison, social media, work, friends, family and mainly ourselves, now more than ever, necesitate a need for creating space for a quiet mind for our own wellness.

There are many methods for creating a mental sanctuary; a quiet space where, for a period of time, you separate from the noise of stimulation of your life. This can happen through quiet meditation, going out for a walk, or engaging in an activity that calms you, but where you can also allow the mind to remain rather quiet. You can also support your mental sanctuary by tuning out or removing unwanted stimuli (turning off televsion, reduce social media time, listening to calm music) or any activities that support your calm mind.

On the eve of this election, I encourage everyone to create their supportive mental sanctuaries for your own wellness.

And don’t forget to vote!

Om Shanti Peace.