Feed The Pig/Wellness Piggy Bank

Fitness resolutions can be very cliche in the new year, especially since most people do not seem to be succuessful in achieving their resolutions.

Making time to care for your health and wellness is not easy to do in the real world of busy adult life. Between work committments, family, chores, it can be hard, almost seemingly impossible, to find time for yourself and your fitness.

Consider this strategy, of literally investing in your wellness, as a way to help motivate and measure your efforts in the new year.

Use a piggy bank (perhaps more than one depending on how ambitious you are) and set an amount that you will put in the bank each time that you follow through with an effort to invest in your wellness or fitness. This investment can be however you define it; completing a workout, going grocery shopping and cooking, setting aside time for meditation, you choose.

Then, at the end of the year, count out your savings and use the money to treat yourself to something fun or donate the money to charity.

The point is that you have a tangible way to monitor your investment in yourself (and the numbers don’t lie). But try not to judge yourself too hard at the end of the year. Good luck! And Happy New Year!