You Are What You Think – Ajna Meditation

Ajna is the 6th chakra, representing intuition and perception. It is represented by the area just between the eyebrows. Tuning into your own intuition is challenging when the mind is busy and cluttered. But sometimes a busy mind can’t be avoided.

However, the ability to tune into your intuition and thoughts is an extremely powerful tool and can be very healing.

If you find that your mind is busy and focused on thoughts that you do not want to be connected with at any given moment; seize that opportunity. The point at which you notice it, change your thought pattern and focus your thoughts on something that is important or rewarding to you.

You are what you think!



Go Red

February is American heart health awareness month. Be sure to take some time this month to care for your heart. Heart disease is the leading cause of death amongth Americans. Take some time this month to get annual screenings for your blood pressure, cholesteral and all areas related to your heart health.

During the month of love, take some time to love yourself.

<3 Shanti.



Day of Mindfulness

There isn’t an official “National Day of Mindfulness.” But a day, hour, week, minute, any time that you choose, where you become conscious in the gift of your own existence is one of the grandest gifts to bestow upon yourself and others.

There just happens to be a “Day of Mindfulness” event today, January 21, 2017 in New York City, if you’d like to check it out at Riverside Church. Learn more here.

Otherwise, create your own “Day of Mindfulness” in small ways (becoming conscious of your breathing, noticing your thoughts, become observant of your life, your existence). You are what you think! Use your presence of mind and thoughts to become present in your life or change your life, depending on how you see it



Feed The Pig/Wellness Piggy Bank

Fitness resolutions can be very cliche in the new year, especially since most people do not seem to be succuessful in achieving their resolutions.

Making time to care for your health and wellness is not easy to do in the real world of busy adult life. Between work committments, family, chores, it can be hard, almost seemingly impossible, to find time for yourself and your fitness.

Consider this strategy, of literally investing in your wellness, as a way to help motivate and measure your efforts in the new year.

Use a piggy bank (perhaps more than one depending on how ambitious you are) and set an amount that you will put in the bank each time that you follow through with an effort to invest in your wellness or fitness. This investment can be however you define it; completing a workout, going grocery shopping and cooking, setting aside time for meditation, you choose.

Then, at the end of the year, count out your savings and use the money to treat yourself to something fun or donate the money to charity.

The point is that you have a tangible way to monitor your investment in yourself (and the numbers don’t lie). But try not to judge yourself too hard at the end of the year. Good luck! And Happy New Year!



Season’s Greetings!

I’d like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. I’ll be taking some time off for the upcoming holidays; please be sure to check out the facebook page for the updated holiday schedule.

Wishing you peace, love, tranquility and the power of your present mind.

BRC, KCH and McCarren yogis, wishing you all the best for the new year! See you soon!

Om, Shanti, Peace.

Live Your Yoga

In New York City, it’s rare to have a private moment alone in a public space, much less the subway, so this moment was a rare opportunity for a yoga handstand, without injuring or annoying a passenger, lol.

As we head into a busy holiday season, remember to stay present, get in your yoga and fitness where you can, and connect with the gift of your quiet mind: yoga chitta vritti nirodha.


I Breathe, Therefore I Am

I have often found strength in this beautiful quote from Henry Miller. There is so much yoga philosophy intertwined in these words.

A call and reminder to embrace life, be present throughout good and bad times, and be grateful that we are here. A mantra for gratefulness in time for the holiday. Breathe, be present, and repeat.


Mental Sanctuary

Without much explanation of what it means, most people understand and gravitate toward the concept of a “mental sanctuary”. Aside from the mind being constantly busy by its very nature, persistent external stimulation from email, televison, social media, work, friends, family and mainly ourselves, now more than ever, necesitate a need for creating space for a quiet mind for our own wellness.

There are many methods for creating a mental sanctuary; a quiet space where, for a period of time, you separate from the noise of stimulation of your life. This can happen through quiet meditation, going out for a walk, or engaging in an activity that calms you, but where you can also allow the mind to remain rather quiet. You can also support your mental sanctuary by tuning out or removing unwanted stimuli (turning off televsion, reduce social media time, listening to calm music) or any activities that support your calm mind.

On the eve of this election, I encourage everyone to create their supportive mental sanctuaries for your own wellness.

And don’t forget to vote!

Om Shanti Peace.

Run, Yoga, Run!

It’s running season! If you go into the parks or walk on the streets around New York City, you might observe an uptick in the number of runners and running groups. And with the NYC Marathon approaching, expect to see more runners sprinkled into the Fall NYC backdrop.

Running and yoga, kind of go hand-in-hand. Running is great for cardio and overall body toning, but a downside is that it can also introduce significant muscular tension to the body and knee-specific stress. Dedicated stretches, following a run, can help to relieve and reduce muscular tension. Stretches that target the legs (hamstrings, quadriceps, calves) can additionally help to improve stride and performance.

Following a run, poses like modified ankle-to-knee pose (see here), paschimottanasana, or agnistambasana/firelog pose, are just some of the poses that can be especially helpful to runners.

Good luck to all the runners (yogis and non-yogis) running in the NYC marathon this year!


Yogi Postcards: Greetings from . . .postcardjackie-robinson-mural-brooklyn-2016


This beautiful mural and homage to the barrier-breaking Brooklyn Dodgers’ Jackie Robinson is located right across the street from the original Ebbets Field in Brookyn (now a housing complex.) Depending on who you ask, the original Ebbets field is located in Crown Heights or Flatbush, but either way, it is an honor to close out this season of my “Yogi Postcards from Brooklyn” series with a feature of one of the greatests.